rick simpson oil - rso oil - WHAT EXACTLY IS RSO AND HOW IS IT MADE AND USED?

What Exactly Are Rick Simpson Oils? RSO OIL

Rick Simpson Oils is a fully extracted cannabis oil derived from cannabis buds with high quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). treat cancer As a treatment for cancer and other chronic diseases, such as MS and asthma.

Although it is controversial, Rick Simpson Oils can be considered a full-spectrum extract—at least for Calypso. Full-spectrum cannabis oil (FSCO) or full-extract cannabis oil (FECO) keeps all of the elements of the marijuana plant (e.g., flavonoids, phenols, fatty acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids) throughout extraction.

Does Rick Simpson Oils Realy Works?

Larger research is needed, but there is reason to believe that full-spectrum extracts can provide patients with better treatment outcomes. Experts especially cite “The Entourage Impact,” or the theory that marijuana compounds to mix and have a greater effect when consumed together than when consumed alone. In other words, the sum of its parts is more than the sum of its parts.

Of course, the extraction procedure influences whether chemicals can be stabilized and maintained. Full-spectrum extracts may be obtained using ethanol, low heat, and patience. Other solvents, such as alcohol or butane, can be used to extract Rick Simpson Oils, but Calypso prefers to follow the best procedures and utilize food-grade ethanol.

Full-spectrum extracts may be obtained using ethanol, low heat, and patience.

 Indica-dominant and high THC strains are favored for RSO extraction. RSO’s color and consistency vary with strain. Some marijuana strains are amber-colored and sticky, while others are black and viscous like molasses. The end product is an extraordinarily potent oil (>60% THC), hence it’s recommended for people with conditions that require a high THC dosage or a high THC tolerance.


RSO may be ingested in a variety of ways, giving it a versatile option for patients with a variety of diseases. However, in general, RSO is administered topically or taken orally. As a result, Calypso gives patients two options: (1) capsules or (2) syringes.

Capsules provide a more accurate dosage, whilst syringes can be used to push oil under the tongue (sublingual), into the skin (topical), or into meals or liquids (oral). When compared to other techniques, oral ingestion provides delayed onset but longer-lasting comfort.

RSO is frequently used topically or orally.

As a full-spectrum extract, RSO can be strong and harsh. Food and beverages can mask its flavor. Peanut butter, avocados, and yogurt are ‘fatty’ foods that boost absorption. Freeze individual doses on parchment paper before diluting in coffee or tea.

Rick Simpson was upfront about his RSO extraction and treatment. He shared a routine based on his discoveries. Simpson advises patients to “start gently” and build a tolerance to THC. Simpson’s website has dosing information.

Remember that dose is patient-specific and should be dependent, among other things, on your health condition(s) and biometrics. To build a treatment plan that is best for you and your circumstances, always see a qualified medical marijuana physician.


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