How to Use Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Oil Dosing) | RSO Oil Dosage Chart

RSO oil dosage chart-RSO oil dosing

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Oil Dosing) / RSO Oil Dosage Chart

RSO Oil Dosage Chart: The goal with RSO Oil Dosing is to gradually increase consumption of the oil to 60 grams over the course of 90-days.

To begin using RSO, you want to start use a drop around the size of a rice grain. The recommended schedule for this dosage is three times a day, or once every eight hours a day. If you are ready, gradually increase your dosage to 1 gram per day (split into two equal parts) during the next few weeks (up until about week 5).

RSO Oil Dosing

The oil is a complete extract of the plant, and as such, it is usually viscous and sticky. It’s clear that there are many applications for RSO Oil. It can be smoked (depending on how it is extracted), applied topically, swallowed (sublingually), taken orally, and employed in a wide variety of culinary applications. However, if you are unaware of the solvents used in its extraction, I would advise not smoking it. It’s not something you want to light up if it was extracted using an inflammable solvent.

Applying RSO oil Topically

When applying RSO oil topically, start with a tiny amount and cover the area with a bandage. You can reapply the dressing several times a day; just remember to replace the bandage after each use. Each dose can be diluted with a small amount of coconut oil for easy application.

Taken RSO Oil Orally

You can take RSO orally by sprinkling a grain of rice-sized dose (or less if you’re just starting out – see dosing below) onto a cracker or a piece of bread and consuming it. If you want to avoid getting RSO trapped in your teeth and a bad aftertaste in your mouth, it’s best to avoid chewing it straight.

Use RSO Oil Sublingually

A dose of RSO can be taken sublingually by placing the powder beneath the tongue or inside the cheek. This enables for immediate absorption into the bloodstream.

RSO Oil Dosage Chart

Week # in regimen Ideal dosage
1 Half a grain of rice (1/4 a syringe drop) every eight hours
2 Half a grain of rice (1/4 a syringe drop) every eight hours
3 Half a grain of rice (1/4 a syringe drop) every eight hours
4 Start doubling your dose to a full grain of rice (1/2 a syringe drop) every eight hours
5 Two full grains of rice (1 syringe drop) every eight hours
6 Four full grain of rice (2 syringe drops) every eight hours
7-12 By now you will be ingesting approximately a gram of RSO every day, spread across three doses, taken every eight hours. Follow syringe measurements for accurate doing.
Continued maintenance Once the 90-day treatment plan is over, patients only need a gram or two a month to maintain a base level of cannabinoids. One gram is approximately eight syringe drops; we recommend taking this as a small dose daily or near-daily for efficacy.

RSO Oil Dosing Regimen In Weeks

Weeks 1-3: Three small doses every day

Take a tiny amount of RSO at the beginning of each eight-hour period (morning, lunchtime, and night). The initial dose will be around a quarter of a drop of RSO from an oil syringe, and subsequent doses will be about the size of half a grain of rice.

Weeks 4-5: Double your dose every four days

Simpson advises that patients start with half a grain of rice per day and gradually increase to the full dosage of one gram of RSO per day over the course of four to five weeks. It is still recommended that patients take their medications every eight hours.

Weeks 6-12: A gram a day

Just take one gram of RSO per day and you’ll have ingested 60 grams by the end of a month. About 8 or 9 drops of RSO, or the amount in a grain of rice, should be taken every 8 hours.

Continued regimen

A patient doesn’t need to keep taking such large (and expensive) doses of RSO once they’ve become used to taking a gram a day and have ingested the recommended 60 grams. One to two grams per month is suggested on Simpson’s site to keep up a steady supply of cannabinoids.

Rick Simpson Oil Dosage Instruction

  • Take a couple of hours before you go to bed.
  • Take the same sized dosage the next morning. Wait for 4 hours for the dose to be fully active in your system.
  • Take the same size dosage again after 4 hours.
  • Continue to take another dose the same size every 4 hours for the first four days.
  • On the fourth day double the size of the dose.
  • Continue to double the dose every 4 days until you have reached 1 gram per day. Split it up as many times as you need to throughout the day.

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