Following Rick Simpson’s Protocol is the best RSO Oil Dosage method to achieve the best effects from RSO. In 90 days, you must consume 60 grams/60 mL of oil. You must begin slowly and gradually increase your tolerance!

There are two ways for someone to complete Rick Simpson’s Protocol.

  1. RSO oil can be ingested or used as a suppository. I know it doesn’t sound like much fun, but a suppository is a way to go because you won’t get high and your body will absorb 50%-70% of the oil compared to taking it orally.
  2. When you take the oil orally, you only absorb about 10%-20% of it. If you want to take it orally rather than as a suppository, it will take you three weeks to a month and a half to build up a tolerance to be able to take a full gram per day.


  • The full course of 60 grams (or 60 milliliters) of RSO Oil Dosage is typically taken by mouth over the course of 90 days. Three times daily, take a dose about the size of half a grain of dry, short-grain rice.
  • This dosage should be administered every 8 hours; the first dose should be taken in the morning, the second in the afternoon, and the third around an hour before bedtime.
  • Also, please be aware that it typically takes about an hour after ingesting a single dose of this oil before its effects become noticeable in a patient. I would recommend starting with about 14 a drop for a beginner’s dose.
  • After four days at this dosage, which should be taken three times a day, most people are able to raise their doses by doubling the amount of medication every four days.
  • Following this simple procedure, many users have reported not feeling the euphoria that this oil is known to produce. But since we’re all unique and have different tolerances, some people will be able to increase their dosages more rapidly than others.
  • In reality, even if a person experiences what is often known as getting high, this is completely harmless so long as the oil they ingest was derived from the sedative strains of Indica that I advocate for and was properly manufactured.
How long does it take to build an RSO Oil Dosing tolerance
  • It usually takes a person 3–5 weeks to build up to a point where they can safely consume 1 gram or 1 ml daily. Once they reach this dose, they should stay there until their health issues are resolved.
  • Once the patient is used to the oils, a single dose will consist of 8 to 9 drops every 8 hours; however, I have seen many cases where the patient was perfectly comfortable taking significantly more than this.
  • Initially, the patient may be eating the equivalent of four to six grains of rice per dose, but as their bodies become accustomed to the oils used, they may be consuming as much as sixteen to eighteen grains of rice per dose.
  • Some patients who did not worry about the side effects were able to finish the full 60-gram dose in a single month, and doctors declared them cancer-free.
  • Once the patient has developed a tolerance to the medication, they typically report enjoying treatment with the oil. The method we describe allows the body to gradually build up a tolerance to the medication.
  • Everyone has a different tolerance for drugs, and RSO oil is no exception; the same amount is safe for both children and adults, regardless of age or weight.

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