CBD Oil Tinctures

What is a CBD tincture?

While the term “CBD oil” is often used interchangeably with “CBD tincture,” the two are actually different.

Tinctures are made by soaking cannabis in alcohol, while oils are made by suspending CBD in carrier oil, like olive oil or coconut oil.

We believe you are deserving of the highest possible quality of life. That is why, based on Kentucky’s unique hemp legacy of 250 years, we deliver the highest quality full spectrum CBD oils tincture in America.

Our USDA-certified organic CBD oils tinctures are available in 375mg, 750mg, and 1,500mg dosages and are meticulously extracted to obtain CBD, minor cannabinoids, and up to 0.3% THC – the way nature intended.

Our CBD oils tinctures are 100% organic, lab tested, and designed specifically for YOU. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are intended to combat pain and inflammation, whilst pure CBD oils can relieve stress and anxiety.

If you have difficulties sleeping, look for CBD tinctures with dosages of 2000mg or higher. If you don’t want to use oils, we also have water-soluble CBD.


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