Who is Rick Simpson? – The Story Of Rick Simpson

Who is Rick Simpson, and what's so special about his medical marijuana oil?

Who is Rick Simpson, and The Story Of Rick Simpson

So the story goes like this; Rick Simpson is an engineer from Canada. In 1997, he worked at a hospital in Canada. Simpson was in an accident where he hit his head. For years, he would get dizzy and hear ringing in his head, and the medical treatment doctors gave him did not help much or at all, and in some cases, it even made the symptoms worse.

After seeing a documentary on medical marijuana, Simpson bought some. Even though his doctor didn’t advocate cannabis, his problems improved.

A few years later, Simpson found three odd pimples on his arm. They’re basal cell carcinomas. He previously used cannabis to treat his problems. After finding that THC affected particular cancer cell types in mice, he began using cannabis to cure himself.

who is rick simpson - RSO OIL - rick simpson oil

He put concentrated cannabis oil on a bandage and covered the spots on his skin where the cancer was for four days. Simpson was shocked when he took off the bandages and saw that the growths had gone away.

Even though his doctor wouldn’t accept cannabis as a possible alternative treatment, Simpson was now a firm believer in medical marijuana.

From then on, Simpson started growing his own marijuana and making his own kind of cannabis concentrate, which is now called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).


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