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What Are RSO Suppositories?

RSO suppositories ( RSO Suppository ) are small items, usually in the shape of a cone, that you put in your urethra or vagina.

The suppository then melts and dissolves, and the contents are taken by the body, either through the large intestine into the bloodstream or through the vaginal epithelium.

Our Rick Simpson Oil suppositories usually contain one gram (1 g) of the Rick Simpson oil.

Disadvantages and benefits of RSO suppositories

The benefits of RSO suppositories are undeniable, Do not require oral digestion before being absorbed into the body
, so they can have a targeted effect in the vaginal, rectal, and abdominal regions.

RSO Suppository may aid infants, elderly individuals, post-surgery patients, and unconscious people who cannot smoke or take tablets.

Because RSO Suppositories skip digestion and liver processing, they may help chemotherapy patients with severe nausea.

Rick Simpson Oil suppositories’ bioavailability in humans is unknown due to a lack of studies.

Because the THC in Rick Simpson oil is not absorbed, the study discovered that it may improve health without intoxication.(Yet some research has generated contradictory conclusions.)

What, though, are the drawbacks of suppositories? Not everyone enjoys the concept of putting drugs in their rectum or vagina, and unlike smoking, the effects don’t come on rapidly.

Suppositories aren’t always the greatest choice if you want to consume cannabis in a social situation with friends, but this isn’t always the case.

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RSO Suppositories

RSO Suppositories