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What is RSO Capsule:

RSO capsule is simply Rick Simpson oil in pill form. Our RSO capsules contain all of the components of the cannabis flower, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and lipids.

These Capsules provide a smoke-free delivery technique that ensures the use of these various substances. These capsules use EnCap technology to provide a faster onset time than most orally taken cannabis products.

RSO pills ensure that patients obtain the full analgesic and perhaps anti-cancerous effects of the drug by boosting cannabis absorption.

This Capsule is a convenient, unobtrusive option for those who do not prefer traditional edibles. They have no sugar, can be consumed whole, and usually have no cannabis taste or smell.

What are RSO capsules used for?

The primary benefits of utilizing RSO have been recognized in relation to treatment options for cancer, but they also extend to other areas.

RSO, a THC-rich combination, has been suggested to provide benefits such as curing arthritis, sleeplessness, depression, high blood pressure, and a range of other serious ailments.

What are the effects of the RSO capsule?

Cannabis products may have varied effects on different persons; however, there is limited scientific evidence to back up these assertions.

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis, and one user’s reaction to several cannabis products may differ depending on the strain, potency, ingestion route, and other factors.

The only way to find out how cannabis will affect you is to try a small amount and monitor the outcomes. Always start softly and gradually.

RSO Capsules

RSO Capsules